Sunday, July 13, 2014

New season, new teams?

We've heard your feedback and we're making a few changes to how we select teams for the fall 2014 season. 

How did it work before?
Each team had a core of up to 6 players (including captains) that the captains used to build a team around. During the draft, players were sorted into their rating categories (see rating info below) and then captains randomly drew players from these categories to fill out their rosters. Once all players had been placed on a team, captains could trade players to ensure they had coverage at every position. While players were originally drawn randomly, captains could trade for specific players which is how we ended up with some teams that seemed to "stay the same" year after year. Captains are tasked with trading players who have similar ratings to ensure teams stay balanced.

Wait, why am I being rated? Who is rating me?
Everyone includes a self-rating on their registration form and captains rate players during the open play sessions to attempt to balance the teams. These ratings can change year-to-year and can also include experience we've had with you in other leagues. The ratings are meant to help us gauge fitness, speed and skill and we continue to make adjustments to how we do it every year. Only captains see these ratings and they are only used to help us build the teams at the beginning of each season. The goal of CWSL is to build even teams that ensure we have a consistent level of play every week.

What's going to happen now?
Players who want to return to the same team that they were on in spring 2014 will be allowed to do so. Please note that this does not mean that everyone will necessarily end up on the same team depending on player preferences.

New players, players who want to play with new people and players who don’t care which team they end up on will be put into a free agent pool. Captains will select players from this pool to fill out their team roster.  

Teams will have a minimum of 15 players and captains have the option to trade players at the end of the draft to ensure they have coverage for all positions. Players also have the option of choosing another person that they would like to be on the same team with. In order to accommodate this, both players must list each other on their registration form and you must choose the same team option - if you choose different options, you will automatically be placed in the free agent pool.

Below are the team options that will be available on the registration form:
  • I did not play in the spring 2014 season. (You will be placed on a random team.)
  • I want to play with new people. (You will be placed on a different team than you were on for the spring 2014 season).
  • I want to play with the same team as I did in spring 2014. (You will be placed on the same team that you were on for the spring 2014 season.)
  • I don’t care what team I end up on. (You could end up on a new team or the same team as you were on for the spring 2014 season.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be on the lookout for changes!

As we prepare for the fall 2014 season, there are lots of things on the horizon, including a new website! We're going digital this fall including online registration which has been tested this summer by our sister league, CWSL Classic Gold, with some great results. You'll still come to the same web address ( to get to the new site, but things will look and feel a bit different.

Some important dates for the fall season:
  • August 1: Registration goes live
  • August 21 & 28: Open play session at W.R. Davie Park, 7:30 - 9:30 - open to new and returning players; new players must attend at least one of these sessions
  • August 28: Registration closes at 11:59pm - you must be registered by this time in order to play this fall
  • September 4: Team round robin session at W.R. Davie Park, 7:30 - 9:30
  • September 11 - October 23: Regular season games
  • October 30: Rain-out week (if necessary, otherwise playoffs will begin this week)
  • November 6: Quarterfinals
  • November 13: Semifinals
  • November 20: Championship game
I hope everyone's enjoying their summer and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 5 championship game

Let's try this again! We have secured field #3 (our normal field) at Mecklenburg County Sportsplex for our championship game starting at 8:00pm on June 5.

The current forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon on Thursday, but it looks like the evening will be clear. Your captains will be in contact with you if anything on the schedule changes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 29 championship game

Join us for the spring championship game on May 29 at 7:45 at W.R. Davie Park where Yellow will take on Orange. After the game we will have a social at Char Bar.

The scores from last week's games have been posted on our Facebook page as well as under the Current Season tab.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tonight's games are cancelled

Due to the weather tonight's semi-final games are cancelled. The remaining playoff schedule is as follows:

May 22 - W.R. Davie Park
  • 7:30: Pink vs. Yellow
  • 8:45: Red vs. Orange
May 29 - W.R. Davie Park
  • 7:45: Championship game